Stabilized and dyed Karelian masur birch pen blocks. Dimensions: 24x24x153mm


Set of three Karelian Masur Birch pen blocks. Each block is expertly stabilized and dyed blending dark brown with red.

Quick Facts:

Size: Minimum 24 x 24 x 153mm or 0.9 x 0.9 x 6 inches
Color: Distinctive “lava” mix of dark brown and red, becomes vivid upon polishing
Stabilized: Expertly treated for durability and moisture resistance
Condition: Arrives sanded butnot fully polished; preview final look with alcohol treatment
PEFC-certified, sustainably-sourced wood.

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Karelian masur birch pen blocks, set of three
Each block stabilized and dyed using professional-grade Turntex resin, resulting in a unique, lava-like hue that blends dark brown with radiant red. Perfect for pen- or wooden jewelry makers seeking that touch of elegance, these blocks provide not only aesthetic charm but also unparalleled stability.

Key Features:
Size Details: These blocks measure a minimum of 24 x 24 x 153mm or 0.9 x 0.9 x 6 inches, making them the ideal dimensions for pen crafting.

Vivid Color: Our unique “lava” blend of dark brown and red is not only striking but also becomes more vivid upon polishing.

Stabilization Process: We treat each Karelian Masur Birch block with Turntex resin, ensuring that it’s stabilized throughout, which makes it resistant to moisture and up to three times harder than oak.

Natural Beauty: The wood arrives sanded but not fully polished. For a sneak peek at the final look, we’ve treated the blocks with alcohol in the pictures.


Additional Information:
Condition: Each block arrives sanded but not fully polished. Pictures showcase the blocks treated with alcohol to highlight their potential beauty after final finishing.
True-to-Photo: What you see is what you get. The blocks shown in the pictures are the exact ones you’ll receive.
Color Disclaimer: Due to varying display and lighting conditions, the actual color may differ slightly from what is shown in the pictures.

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