Dyed and stabilized Masur birch handle. Dimensions 30x48x150mm


Dual-colored Masur birch block is expertly stabilized and ready for crafting. Perfect for making custom knife handles, wooden jewelry, and for any other DIY wood projects.

30 x 48 x 150mm; 1.18 x 1.89 x 5.9 inches
Color: Rich gold tones, darker in real life but lightens upon polishing
Arrives sanded, but not fully polished; treated with alcohol for preview of finished look

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Dyed stabilized Masur birch block for custom made knife handles or for any other valued DIY woodworking project
This masur birch block is perfect for creating standout hidden tang knife handle, unique wooden jewelry, and exclusive DIY woodcraft projects. Professionally stabilized and dyed using high-grade Turntex resin, these blocks are designed for durability and visual allure.

Color: gold

30 x 48 x 150mm
1.18 x 1.89 x 5.9 inches

Important Highlights:

Sanded but not fully polished: block is sanded for immediate use, but we leave the final polishing to you. The images showcase the blocks treated with alcohol to hint at their incredible potential after finishing.
What You See is What You Get
Color Disclaimer: Due to varying display settings, the actual color may differ slightly. However, a finishing polish will reveal its true splendor.

Sustainability & Durability:
We are committed to eco-conscious practices. Our Masur Birch is stabilized with non-toxic and non-flammable cactus juice, making it up to three times harder than traditional oak. This treatment also ensures the wood is humidity-resistant, allowing for long-lasting creations.

If you’re an artisan searching for the best materials for your woodworking projects—be it custom knife handles, wood jewelry, or any DIY crafts—look no further. Our PEFC-certified Masur Birch blocks offer the perfect blend of strength, beauty, and sustainability.

Weight 400 g
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