Masur birch wood block premium grade wood. Dimensions 30*40*150mm


Karelian birch, known also as curly birch or Masur birch kiln dried wood. Perfect material for making a hidden tang knife handle, pens or wooden jewelry.

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Masur birch, known in Nordics also as Curly birch or Karelian birch. This block is kiln dried and just lightlty sanded. Masur birch wood is perfect material for carving hidden tang knife handles. If needed, this wood can be cut into a smaller pieces for pen blocks.

Dimensions of block may vary slightly, most blocks are bigger than described. You will receive one of blocks that is represented on pictures. If you have a preference, please write me directly. Please notice that masur birch wood is natural material and every block has its own unique pattern on each side. It is pretty common that this species wood has inner pattern surface cracks- these are easy to repair if needed. Blocks can contain some inner imperfections that are not visible outside.

Curly birch  grainy pattern wood belongs to the world’s ten most expensive among the precious wood. Despite of its appearance, Curly birch is not considered as endangered species because the curly birch is a genetical variation (mutation) of a silver birch which gives the tree its unique pattern. Therefore, the cultivation of curly birch is environmentally friendly, because this valued wood originates mainly from former agricultural areas. Most of our plantation curly birch trees are certified clones of most famous Finnish curly birch tree called “Visa Kuningatar”

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