Knifemaking supplies – Masur Birch scales. Dimensions 15*50*150mm


Set of 2 premium grade masur birch  scales.

Perfect for carving bigger size full tang knife handles.

Marsur Birch scales are well covered with rich characteristic birch burl  curly pattern.

1 side can contain a bit less pattern or a smaller knot


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Curly birch, also known in Scandinavia as Masur Birch scaled. It’s a perfect material for carving. Beautiful and sturdy knifemaking supplies work well by hand or machine. Highly recommended for making a full tang knife handle. This Masur Birch wood is also often used for carving pens, wooden jewellery or gift boxed for valuable items.

About these Masur Birch handle scales

Set of 2 well dried and premium patterned scales
Dimensions 15*50*145mm
Perfect for carving bigger sized hidden tang knife handles
Masur Birch scales are well covered with a rich characteristic curly pattern
1 side is fully covered with premium grade curly pattern, other side can contain a bit less pattern or contains smaller imperfections like inner pattern micro cracks. These are easy to repair if needed.

Additional information about Curly birch
Curly birch has a lot of names. Mainly known as Karelian birch. The name “Karelian Birch” comes from the small geographical area between Finland and Russia where this exotic patterned dense and very heavy wood was most abundantly found in nature. Other names are describing quite well the curly birch exotically patterned wood: Masur birch, Birch burl, burl wood, Birch burr etc. Curly birch wood appearance is very similar to burl wood or Birdseye maple, though of a different origin.

Masur birch wood has been highly valued among Scandinavian craftsmen for centuries because it is a very beautiful, benign wood and it works well as knifemaking supplies.

Curly birch grainy pattern wood belongs to the world’s ten most expensive among the exotic wood. This wanted and valuable material is sold in kilograms. Nevertheless, the Curly Birch wood is a sustainable wood, due to the fact, that most of the exotic wood comes from the tropical rainforests. Curly birch is a light-demanding and slow-growing tree and therefore this valuable quality wood is cultivated as stands in former agricultural areas or other nutritious, rich soils on sunny slopes.

Even though Curly birch is considered as an exotic wood, the trade of this wood is not regulated with Cites regulation (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). So, the manufacturing and use of this beautiful exotic wood does not harm wildlife and natural diversity of tropical rainforests.

Our plantation curly birch trees are certified clones of most famous Finnish curly birch tree called “Visa Kuningatar“ The seller of this wood, Rita Rubin, is the member of Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Seller PEFC certification number is TT-PEFC-FM006. You can find PEFC certified forest owners here:

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